Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bowling Week III

Due to a San Jose Sharks hockey game that I will be attending tomorrow night, I "pre-bowled" this weekend.

The scores: 169, 146, 129. For a new average of 141, prior average was 137.

btw: anybody else such a bowling geek as I to know the names of the three bowlers that I have used for the bowling week postings?


Anonymous said...


Showing those Michigan roots, being a good Kegler......

1. Earl Anthony (a good left)
2. Dick Weber
3. I don't know??


Tim said...

Not bad Kevin... 2 out of 3. Mystery bowler #3 was somebody that I admired and influenced my style of bowling.

I had a couple of comments today about how hard I throw the ball. Comments like "does your arm hurt the next day?" and "you didn't hit the pin, it fell over in fear"

I did have the fortunate to bowl at a set of alleys that gave the speed of the bowl thrown on the overhead scoreboard. I would typically be in the 20 - 22 mph range.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,

The third guy looks based on your hint and that fact that it's buggin' me. How 'bout Mark Roth for number 3??

So your a hard thrower? My brother throws the ball harder than anyone I've seen, especially considering his size.

Good luck, looks like your improving every week!


Tim said...

Mystery Bowler #3 is Mark Roth.

Check out his Wikipedia entry at:

"Roth was well known for his high powered "cranking" style that has been copied by many bowlers since. Despite the power he generated, Roth was also one of the best spare shooters of all time."

Steve said...

And so...what happened in Bowling Week IV?