Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bionicle Battle May 2008

A film by Scott Cohen, son of Danielle (of blog commenter fame)

btw: Dani (as her close friends call her) did also give me a "left handed alert", the last two singers on American Idol were both left handed (David Archuleta and David Cook)

That reminded me of a person in Steve's high school class (I believe), whose name was David David (or David Squared)

Oh yeah... Happy Birthday Dani!!!

I hope you don't mind that I "scrunched" what could have been 3 "Dani" based entries into one. :) For the permanent record, it has been recorded as 3.


Steve said...

Along with David David, you must not forget the other interestingly named fellow, Ronald McDonald.

Danielle said...

Scott will be thrilled... I'll show him when he gets back from camping tomorrow! No prob on the 3-fer. I think Adam worked with a Harley Davidson at Lockheed...oops, hush, that's probably classified!