Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Soooo Excited!!

My favorite TV show's new season is about to start!!

Ok... based on Danielle's comment, there are at least one reader of the blog that needs to be educated on the show. Below are some more clips from the show. The funniest thing on TV. Oh yeah, the show is Top Gear.

Many other videos on the offical Top Gear site at


Danielle said...

Just watched the trailer... ummm... could you elaborate on the premise of the series? Maybe it would make more sense then. As for me, I'm pumped for Last Comic Standing and So You Think You Can Dance!

Steve said...

So You Think You Can Dance is also one of our favorites. It's holding us over until NFL and The Office starts up again.

Lately, I've been really intrigued with Cops. Similar to when I was intrigued with Jerry Springer for a couple of weeks.