Friday, April 20, 2007

Breaking News

My new car is HERE!!! Either picking it up today or early tomorrow.

Update: I will be picking the car up today!

Update 2: The car has been picked up and is sitting in my garage!! Yeah!! Immediate reaction: very nice, really like not having to get the key and cellphone out of my pocket.

The car doesn't have a key, just a "fob", an RFID device that recognizes me as I approach the car. Once in the car, a push of a button and the car is running.

With my bluetooth enabled phone, there is no need to take my cellphone out either. It automatically connects to the car and all of my calls are made hands free. Very cool!!

Look for pictures either tomorrow or Sunday.


Danielle said...

Photo please!

kpollinger said...

Where is the photo!!!?