Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some Things Should Stay A Fond Memory

This is a possible case of "better as a child" than as an adult. I recently started to watch "Battle of the Planets".

It is a cartoon that I very fondly remember as a young child (somewhere around 7 or so). Battle of the Planets is an Americanized Japanese cartoon. The costumes are very intriguing and really sparked my imagination and interest as a kid.

Unfortunately I am having an issue with the show as an adult. My problem is with Jason, the leader of the group. I hope I can overlook it but I am not confident. The issue is Casey Kasem. Casey Kasem (of American Top 40 fame) does the voice for Jason. I just can't get beyond that distinct voice...

Left to right: Jason, Tiny, Keyop, Princess, and Mark

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kpollinger said...

Is that what this cartoon was called? I loved this one.