Saturday, September 15, 2007

Remodel Characters and Pictures

Our kitchen and upstairs bathroom remodel was completed earlier this month. We're very happy with the results. Photos below.
Of course, the kitchen and bathroom didn't remodel themselves. Here is the cast of characters that made it happen.
  • Sharon – The very detailed, efficient, organized, and effective project manager.
  • Steve – Her faithful sidekick.
  • Simon – Contractor. Hard worker who produced quality work. Would definitely hire again.
  • Sidekick – Simon’s faithful sidekick. Prone to bringing up discussions on random topics with the project manager. Used the pantry to change to and from his work clothes.
  • Jerry (aka as “Professional”) – Sub-contractor in charge of the bathroom remodel. Knew no English at the start of the job. During the job, Sharon and her sidekick taught him such useful words/phrases as “professional”, “no problem”, “good attitude”. As a bonus, he also cut a house alarm wire and tossed his trash on top of the project manager’s lemon tree, knocking it down, much to her dismay. Took a multi-hour break from the job to escape the wrath of the project manager.
  • Shaolin Brothers – Two or three Shaolin temple brothers who are in America with their Kung Fu traveling show. Also showed up at our house to paint and do various other jobs.
  • Terry – Junk hauler. After loading up the second truckload of debris from the remodel, invited himself into the house to play piano and sing gospel songs he wrote himself.

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