Thursday, February 14, 2008

Roger and Me

I was so outraged by the Roger Clemens hearing with the House Oversight Committee, that I had to write an email to Henry Waxman, the chairman of the committee, and cc'ed my congresswoman, Anna Eshoo. Here were my thoughts:

This country has an incredible number of challenges to overcome. The Oversight Committee has a large role in helping to address these challenges. Is grilling Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee on steriod usage truly a high priority issue - where your committee should be spending its time and taxpayers' money? I could not believe my ears when Roger Clemens' butt is being discussed by your committee when literally billions of dollars have been lost in Iraq due to fraud and incompetence. Please stop the grandstanding and the wasting of the taxpayer money and get back to the crucial issues facing this country. I'm a lifelong Democrat. If I had a chance to vote in your election, I would never vote for you again. I hope the Democrats in the 30th District have the same resolve.

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