Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sharks and Beer

Yes, those San Jose Sharks pulled out the series win with a magnificent win! Tim and I will be going to the second game of the series against Dallas on Sunday.

But here's a question for all you faithful blog readers. I consider myself a person grounded in the scientific world. However I find that I'm superstitious at the oddest times.

Here's what I've noticed. If I drink a beer (Bud Light for those of you scoring at home), the Sharks lose, often in an ugly manner. Game 3, Sharks up by 3 goals only to see Calgary storm back with four goals and win -- I was caught imbiding a light beverage of hops and barley. Games 4 and 5 - no alcohol, Sharks win. Game 6, lamest Sharks game of the series, another empty bottle of brew. Game 7, strongest game of the series (perhaps the season) and I was sipping on sparkling mineral water.

Certainly the scientific part of me knows that what I drink does not affect Nabby's reflexes in goal or Cheechoo's move to the net but another part of me feels my choice of beverage gave Roenick the lift he needed last night. I'm very nervous about opening up another Bud Light while the Sharks are still competing for Lord Stanley's Cup.

Are you caught in this same conflict of logic and superstition? What superstitions do you have? And be sure to join me in a Diet Coke this Friday for game 1!

Tim: Updated with a picture of Jeremy Roenick celebrating one of his two goals from game seven


Tim said...

Maybe it is your choice of beer... Diet Bud?!? yuck :)

Steve said...

Oh, well it turns out that it doesn't matter about the beer at all. The Sharks lose no matter what I drink!

Danielle said...

I'm thinking you are a closet drinker and now you're killing their playoff chances... come on, give it up!