Thursday, February 23, 2017

Vasona Park, Los Gatos Creek walk

It finally stopped raining so Sharon and I were able to join our hiking class today. The trails in the mountains are still too wet, so the hiking group instructor had us go to the paved trails at Vasona Park today. Of course, Vasona Park is where Richard works and the site of Bryce and Travis birthday parties!

Right away, we could see that Los Gatos Creek was more like Los Gatos River.

We noticed that Vasona Lake wasn't as full as we expected. Once we got to the other side of the dam, we knew why.


The water was just roaring out of the dam, so Los Gatos Creek was flowing even faster on the other side. In the next picture, if you look towards the back, you can see a whole tree was uprooted and carried down the creek.

We walked quite a ways down the creek trail, almost to Campbell, before turning back. We passed by Vasona Lake again and it was great to see blue sky and blossoms flowering on the tree. Also next to the lake, we saw a whole family (5 or 6) of turtles, hanging out on a log. I couldn't get close enough for a picture as they all jumped in the water as we got closer.

Signs of spring!


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