Friday, October 03, 2008

Agreed...hard to take

I watched about 30 minutes of the VP debate last night until I also couldn't take it anymore. Too many "doggone it"s and "gosh darn it"s for me.Even so, I've read a number of articles today that she did well, like this one in the New York Times -

Of course she did relatively well in a debate format where she could just spout the talking points rammed into her head, often when they had nothing to do with the question. In fact, at one point, she said she didn't have to answer the moderator's question, she was talking to the "American People". Not once did she state any specifics while I was watching. Here's how well she does when Katie Couric asks for specifics. There's no reason to believe that she's any better prepared in the two weeks of cramming for the debate.

But in the end, I don't think the debate really mattered. Those people who were going to vote for her are still going to vote for her. Those who weren't, still won't. And I can't imagine that those who are undecided heard anything to get them to vote for McCain/Palin.
Here are two thoughts that were reinforced while watching her:
  • By nominating her, McCain is a cynical bastard who doesn't give a damn about the good of the country
  • If she ever was to become president, heaven help us (U.S. and the world).

But on a hopeful item, Obama continues to widen the lead in polls. In fact, the McCain campaign is pulling out of Michigan.

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