Monday, October 06, 2008

James Fallows

I read a number of political blogs on a daily basis. My favorite is from Jim Fallows. He is a long-time journalist. I originally read his articles in the Atlantic. Here's an excerpt from his blog post titled Our Capacity for Self-Government.

Grow up. If John McCain has a better set of plans to deal with the immediate crisis, and the medium-term real-economy fallout, and the real global problems of the era -- fine, let him win on those. But it is beneath the dignity he had as a Naval officer to wallow in this mindless BS. I will say nothing about the dignity of a candidate who repeatedly winks at the public, Hooters-waitress style. A great country acts great when it matters. This is a time when it matters -- for politicians in the points they raise, for journalists in the subjects they write about and the questions they ask of candidates. And, yes, for voters.

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