Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Office Wedding

Did you see The Office wedding of Jim and Pam? If not, don't worry this isn't a spoiler, at least not a big one.

In the episode, Dwight wears a cool Three Wolves t-shirt. It turns out that the t-shirt is an review phenomenon. Check out the reviews on the shirt. Very funny.

This isn't the first time when an product attracted creative writers to the review section.

Tuscan Whole Milk

Uranium Ore - the first review is my favorite


Danielle said...

Thanks Tim... I have totally just wasted 20 minutes reading the reviews you point out, and I'm sure countless more minutes click through to the other products these ones sell with... even the comments to the reviews are funny.

Tim said...

All the credit belongs to my brother, this is his posting. :)