Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Walk by the Pacific

Post-Trump, I've been on news and Facebook holiday. It's been quite refreshing actually. So I thought that I would make use of this very fine, but lightly used, Everett blog

Last Sunday, Sharon and I had a nice 7 mile walk along the Pacific coast in Santa Cruz with our friends John and Maria Panelli. The weather started out cloudy and sort of misty but then became partly cloudy.

I always enjoy being out at the ocean. The ocean was quite active with lots of waves. And lots of surfers.

Hard to see but the black specks are surfers

Stacked stones in front of crashing waves

We also visited a eucalyptus grove where Monarch butterflies stay for the winter. In the spring, they take off for Idaho, with their great grandchildren eventually making it back to Santa Cruz next fall. There were lots of butterflies flying around the treetops but unfortunately were too far away for a good photo (at least with my iPhone).
Then we had lunch at the wharf. The interesting thing about lunch was that Sharon ordered a spinach salad. That's not unusual as she really likes salad. What's unusual is that the spinach salad was just that, spinach, with nothing else!

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