Sunday, December 11, 2016

What could go wrong?

See, this is why I'm on news boycott. The bill hasn't passed but it's insanity that it would even be introduced.

Drunk fans, pissed off about their team/other team/fans, guns...

Washington State Legislature Introduces Bill Allowing Fans To Carry Guns Into Stadiums


Tim Everett said...

The real challenge in a political news boycott is to avoid reading such articles when they pop up on sports related websites.

I have started to peek in on facebook, but have gotten heavy with the "hammer" in terms of users that post something inflammatory, they get dropped from my news feed immediately. I think facebook is part of the 'creating anger" problem in the world and am not confident it will ever stop.

I have held strong on my twitter boycott. I do miss the sports update aspect of twitter, just not enough to create a sports only twitter account.

Steve said...

It's true that political news leaks through sports twitter and websites. I've had to drop sports people from twitter due to too many political re-tweets. But still a lot less political reading than I used to do before the election.

I also check in on Facebook occasionally, maybe once or twice a week, kind of with one eye closed! From my quick looks, it seems like the nastiness has gotten a lot less on my feed. Maybe everybody is worn out from the BS.