Saturday, October 07, 2006

San Jose Sharks Game Recap

Steve and I went to our first "ten pack" game of the year tonight.

Final score: 2 to 0, Sharks win

Tim's Recap (list form as usual)

- Parked in the "gun play" lot
- Dinner at the Tied House, Salmon for cholesterol boy (Tim) and a dark beer (btw: recent cholesterol check: 249, bad and basically back to where I was two years ago, back on medicine)
- Sitting in the seats, received the text message "In Sharks!" (inside joke but for those text messaging savvy, you should be able to figure it out)
- Had a couple of good friends at the game, though could only text message to one of them due to text messaging issue that I am having with non-Verizon customers. (Look for a separate posting about that experience in working to get the problem solved)
- First "Go Smitty" yell from Steve for the season at the 12 minute mark of the second period
- The dude next to me (not Steve, the other side) was passed out for pretty much the entire third period
- The "Wave" made an appearance tonight. First wave that I have ever seen at a hockey game. The passed out dude and I did not participate.
- Drive home was slowed down due to preparation for the "Rock and Roll" marathon in San Jose
- Drive home was also accomplished without the use of speedometer due to the intermittent lack of instrument lights in the Civic

- The new music played to celebrate a Sharks' goal (Holiday - Green Day) is not so good. Prefer the old song though playing the music of a convicted pedophile probably really isn't a good choice either...

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