Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stand Around or Run (poll)

I watched "War of the Worlds" again this weekend. btw: Tom Cruise is left handed (though he is a little too nuts for his own "left handed alert").

The question for the poll is:

Would you stand around or run if something really strange/odd was occuring? For example in the movie right before the alien ship erupts out of the ground. Would you be one of the folks standing around looking at the hole in the ground or not?

Please leave a comment with your answer. I will respond with my answer in a few days.


Danielle said...

I would guess I would be a watcher, not a runner.

Steven A. said...

Sharon and I had the same question when we were watching the movie. Only after people started getting disintegrated did the crowd start running.

We decided that we would definitely be runners.

Kimberly said...

Run, definitely run!

Tim said...

I would definitely be a runner. No waiting around for potentially bad things to happen for this man.

I probably wouldn't run like a mad man immediately, more like a quick pace away from the strange and potentially dangerous thing.