Saturday, July 01, 2006

419 Scammers Get Scammed

On the former Everett Family Blog I had posts about the various emails that I had received from 419 scammers. The emails stated that there was a lot of money in a foreign country in the African continent that was mine to get simply because I had the last name of somebody that died. They needed my help and would split the money with me.

Those emails have various names: Nigerian money transfer fraud, Nigerian scam or 419 scam. I can't find the reference but I remember reading recently that they are going strong, stealing money from folks that are trying to get "something for nothing".

Check out: 419 Eater

The scammers get scammed. It does have a hint of being very cruel, but the individuals that sent the original email are just as cruel.

I don't condone the idea since "two wrongs don't make a right", but it does make interesting reading.

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Steven A said...

Here's another one. Seems to be an up and coming sport.