Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Winter Qtr 1986

Here are my Winter Qtr grades from 1986 (Freshman year)(Once again, please excuse the large amount of white space)

Economics 2BA202A
Gen Chemistry 1CH101A
Gen Chem Lab 1CH111B
Freshman Eng 2HU102B
Calc+Anal Geom 2MA151A
Beg BowlingPE104A

GPA for the Quarter: 3.76
GPA cumulative: 3.79

Not a bad second quarter. "Downfall" again was those pesky English classes. As well as my first Lab (Chemistry).

Thankfully I didn't go the pure science route in my life. I just didn't seem to have "it".

I was fortunate to have had a good lab partner. Gwenn Bjornstad lived next door to me in Coed Dorm. She was cute, smart, and patient. Patient to deal with my fumbling, patient to deal with me either burning a finger or coming very very close whenever a bunson burner was in use. BTW: running a burnt finger under cold water is very useful.

As all good wannabe engineers did, we usually was able to determine what the results of any experiment should be. Between Gwenn and I, we were able to work the experiment to get reasonable results. I had a lot of fun in the class with her.

Thru the miracle of the Internet, within about 45 seconds I was able to find Gwenn. She is married and living in Sweden. She is running a business called Remember When... She is also Business Development Director at Huawei Technologies.

Wonder if she remembers me...

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