Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Famous Person from Dowagiac II

Still not talking about me...

Iven C. Kincheloe Jr. - Korean War Ace and Test Pilot.

On Sept. 7, 1956, he rode the X-2 up to 126,000 feet, becoming the first human ever to fly above 100,000 feet. The public reaction to this feat was immense. Although that altitude was about half of what was later considered the edge of space, Kincheloe was immediately hailed as "The first of the spacemen" by a fascinated press and was awarded the Mackay Trophy.

Ivan Kincheloe, Jr. entry in Wikipedia

FYI: I can't find definitive proof that he is from Dowagiac, seems like he might be from the nearby town of Cassopolis. Though Dowagiac school district has a grade school named for him.

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