Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tim's Grades in College (Freshman Fall Qtr 1985)

I have been "purging" stuff for the past couple of months or so. The pace has accelerated due to me being single again. It was very easy for me to ignore the crap since my focus was elsewhere when I was in a relationship.

It is simply amazing the amount of crap that is moved from place to place to place. In the midst of many boxes, I came across a vanilla folder that simply said "Tim Everett" on it.

Inside was essentially my entire collegiate record from SAT scores, ACT scores, PSAT scores, GRE scores, and my college transcript.

So here is a new type of post. The history of Tim (at least his grades in college):

Fall Qtr 1985 (excuse the following white space, can't figure out how to get rid of it)

ClassCourse NumberGrade
Intro to ProgrammingCS110A
EE OrientationEE110A
Freshman Eng 1HU101B
Calc+Anal Geom 1MA150A
Racquetball SquashPE138A

Not a bad quarter to start college. I did break the "all A's streak" that I had going from high school right away with my downfall being English class (always the toughest for me). I think that was a blessing in disguise. The self imposed pressure to be "perfect" just never started in college. Not too spoil the rest of the story, but I was to never get all A's again in a quarter during my time at Michigan Tech.

It didn't hurt that the Calc+Anal Geom 1 (Freshman Calculus) was being taught out of the same text book that I used in my high school calculus class. I believe MA150 was also the first class where I both slept in class as well as skipped class for the first time.

That is about as much of a dirty secret that exists from my college career. Skipping class and sleeping in class. Oh my!!! (how shocking...)

Look for more excitement of Tim's grades and test scores real soon...

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