Saturday, July 15, 2006

Spring Qtr 1986

After my first full winter in the Upper Penisula of Michigan, the Spring Qtr started.

During the winter quarter, on the trip back to school following Thanksgiving, the two women and guy that I was riding with, got stuck in Green Bay WI due to a very heavy snow storm. So heavy that the freeway (I-94) was closed and we were able to punch the car thru a snow drift into a motel parking lot.

The classes and grades of Spring Qtr (Freshman year):

Gen Chemistry 2CH102B
Gen Chem Lab 2CH112B
Freshman Eng 3HU103C
Calc+Anal Geom 2MA152A
Beg TennisPE1115A
Historical Amer GovtSS210B

GPA for the Quarter: 3.18
GPA cumulative: 3.58

Spring of 1986 was the first time I had ever gotten a C in a class in my entire school career. Oddly enough, I remember absolutely nothing about the class. I don't remember the teacher, any other students, where the class was held, etc...

Hold on, I just had a possible memory flashback, I might remember the Professor. I do have a memory of meeting with him and another student the same day that the Challenger exploded on lift off. Of course, I can't remember what the meeting was about.

Though I also can't remember if January 28th was in the Winter Qtr or Spring Qtr...

Can't blame drinking of alcohol. I never touched the stuff during my freshman year. Spent my Friday and Saturday nights usually playing D&D. Yep... I was one of "those guys".

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