Friday, July 07, 2006

Unknown Regular Visitor

The reader of the Everett Family Blog from Mount Vernon has seemed to disappear.

There still is the mystery regular visitor from San Diego.

As my favorite song by the Who says... Who are you? Who, who, who, who?.

btw: I have started to watch CSI on a regular basis since it on televison at least twice a day. Not quite as often as the various Law and Orders but getting there. Always pleasant to have something good waiting for me on the Tivo.

(Why the reference to CSI? The theme song is Who Are You by the Who)


Tim said...

I did some playing around with Google Analytics and determined that the San Diego visits are coming from Intuit's domain.

Maybe the mystery reader is actually Steve, though I am not sure why his location would be tagged as San Diego instead of Mountain View.

Steven A said...

Intuit's data center is in San Diego, which is also where the TurboTax team is located.