Saturday, July 22, 2006

3 Years for the Everett Family Blog

Amazing... it has been 3 long years since I started this little blog.

The blog has been around for the inane, the funny, the celebration of births and birthdays, a couple of marriages, the death of loved ones (always remembered and eternally missed), falling madly in love (never feeling this happy and joyful in my life), and the loss of a very significant relationship.

I am happy and proud that my little experiment three years ago has survived. That was a very big question of mine, do I have the ability/strength/desire to keep the blog going. I am glad I do.

The blog is good for me to have a place where I can feel like I am communicating, reaching out to friends, family, loved ones, and even complete strangers.

Once my new home computer arrives, expect to see the orginal postings again. I plan to archive them and make them available on the new Everett Family Blog.

Thank you all for the support, love, and affection.


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