Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Handness and Chewing (poll)

I just got back from dealing with my broken "tooth". I quote tooth since it was actually a crown that broke. Which I believe will be less costly to repair since the tooth has already had its nerves yanked out of it (root canal).

What finally caused me to make the visit was yesterday when the crown was pulled out of my head by a piece of bubble gum.

The whole tooth episode got me thinking about the fact that I chew primarily on my left side of my face.

Could that be possibly due to the fact that I am left handed?
Do right handed people chew primarily on the right side?
Am I on to something?

The question/poll: Please leave a comment detailing your hand preference and your chew perference. I know that there is at least one individual in the family that is also left handed. I will also be forwarding this post to as many left handed folks that I can find.

I look forward to seeing the results!

1 comment:

BenE said...

I am left-handed and I chew on the left side. I know this because at one of my brother's football games, I couldn't eat my burger because a tooth was very loose on the left side.