Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Updated To Do List Redux

Quick update to the "Summer List" (new name: TWE Life List)

- Deal with the house situation
- Fix a broken tooth(not a front tooth, back left molar)
- Visit Dr. and get back to paying attention to my cholesterol
- Get tire fixed on the Civic
- Visit the Eye Doctor - should really think about lasik
- Stop being a stranger at Gold's Gym
- Get the Accord smogged and registered
- Get cracked windshield fixed on the Civic
- Get downstairs toilet fixed (cause of the flood)

The tile dudes made their appearance today. I have a doctor's appointment for next Tuesday (10/3/06).

The two additions to the list today are also going to be taken care of:
- toilet will be fixed this afternoon
- cracked windshield of Civic will be fixed on Thursday (cracked windshield occurred at least 4 years ago).

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