Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Start of the Impulse Buy List (impulse)

I tend to have a constant mental list of things that I think would be cool to buy, an impulse buy list. Some things stick around on the list and eventually get bought, while others fade away into the dusk.

A good example of an item that was on the list was Tivo. Tivo was probably on my list for at least 4 years. I never said I am an impulse buyer, but I am definitely am an impulse "wanter".

Having the list weeds out those items that might lose their appeal after that initial gut reaction.

An item added to the list as of today: Sonos Digital Music System. The integration with Rhapsody music service has really kicked up the appeal to me. Now I just need to sit on it for a while and contemplate spending $1000 for the system as well as $10 a month for the Rhapsody service.

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