Thursday, September 28, 2006

SF Giants Recap

Hyperion Engineering had a "field trip" yesterday to the San Francisco Giants vs Arizona Diamondback baseball game.

Final score: 6 to 3, Giants lose

Tim's Recap (once again in list form)
- Rode up to San Francisco with Dana
- Stopped in San Carlos (I think) for Peet's Coffee. Dana supposedly is crazy for Peet's coffee. I had a hot chocolate and a chocolate cookie. Any guesses on what type of food I like???
- Oh yeah, Dana also got a vegan scone from Peet's
- Superb driving by Dana, no dings, no bumps, or bloodshed. Passenger side brake wasn't even touched.
- Parked for free in Dana's "secret" parking area. Willing to accept offers (cash) to dilvuge the secret.
- Made Dana worry about her secret parking spot due to its potential illegality, both location and length of time parked
- Made mental note of "plan b" travel plans in case Dana's car was towed away
- Scoped out food and beer, we decided to go with nachos and Guinness beer. Dana was shocked at the cost of the two beers ($16.50). Nachos were $7.50 I believe
- Picture taken by Hyperion coworker of Dana and I in our seats prior to the game starting. Will either place picture on site or delete depending on how silly it makes me look. If Dana looks sillier than me, picture will make its appearance on the site
- Probability of Dana looking sillier than me. < 1%
- A bunch of baseball was played: two home runs (one per team), infield fly rule called, a double steal (second and home plate), and a batter hit with the ball.
- No Barry Bonds, resting up for his offseason.
- Two foul balls in our general direction (third base side in the corner, lower deck)
- I have the answer to the question: Who brings an apple to a baseball game? Dana
- While Dana was being healthy, I ate a toll house chocolate cookie ice cream (cost $5)
- No pee troughs at AT&T Park (SBC Park)(Pacbell Park)
- Dana went into the women's bathroom at the end of the game via the exit, avoiding the line of women going thru the entrance. FYI: Dana is female (just in case you were wondering since the name Dana is gender neutral)
- The big Barry Bonds bobble head with the "do not touch" sign, almost got touched

FYI: Dana made a previous post on the now defunct Original Everett Family Blog.


Anonymous said...

Besides the fact that Dana went in through the exit in the ladies room, the real question that is weighing heavy on everyone's mind is... "Did she touch the door handle?"

Danielle said...

I know Dana, and the answer is absolutely not!

Dana said...

Thanks Dani! In AND out with no door handles touched!

Anonymous said...

Next time I go to a stadium, I will make sure to touch all the door handles twice. Once for me and once for Dana. It doesn't seem right that only one person gets all that pleasure.