Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Week (zefrank)

The Week of Happy has ended. Here is how it started ("hmmmm hand spanking"):

btw: If I was either smarter or more patient, I would fix the overlap that occurs with this posting... but alas I am not either.

Please take the missing letters due to the overlap as a challenge, try to guess what the links on the right sidebar actually are, followed by clicking on them to see if you are right or wrong. A fun activity for the entire family.

the show with zefrank


SteveE said...

"ze frank - the show" is the best thing on the internet. If you have a broadband connection, you shouldn't miss it. His show has "adult language" at times but it's an incredible mix of silly humor (dressing up vacuum cleaners) and serious thoughts (even during Happy Week). His show on 9/11 was the best tribute/commentary I've seen on the event. Today, as it is every Friday, is "Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day".

Tim said...

btw: the new thing that distracts me while watching zefrank (I have gotten used to the pupil thing), is sticking my mouse pointer up his nose.