Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Baby News!!

Congratulations Mike and Tristan on Hannah Joann.

Below is part of the email from my Mom:

Hi Everyone, Good News, Tristan had the baby at 8:03 this morning. She weighs 4 lb, 2 oz. is 17 3/4 inches long. Meg said that she has a lot of black hair. Tristan is doing fine and I guess the best news is that the baby is breathing on her own. The heart surgery is planned for Thursday but Meg didn't know exactly what time yet so will let you know. Mike was in the room the whole time even though she had a C section.

Sounds like everything is good but keep her in your thoughts. Meg said that the first thing Tristan wanted to know when they could see her for the first time was if everyone was okay and to be sure to get something for lunch. Doesn't that sound like our Tristan.

Oh yes, the baby's name is Hannah Joann (in honor of Sandy).

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