Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Dream

This morning around 5:30 am, I found myself having a dream while sleeping.

In the dream, I was fully dressed wearing a fairly heavy jacket. I was being lead into a spare doctor examination room by the Doctor. The doctor was Susan Hammer (former Mayor of San Jose, CA).

The examination room was being used as a storage closet, lots of just plain junk scattered about.

Doctor Hammer had a stack of papers that she was going thru. One of them involved an animal organization (Humane Society, PETA, don't remember the exact group) being given money by the city to track a sea animal (otter, sea lion, don't remember the exact animal).

In the dream, she then hands me a bag that has the examination gown in it. I start to look around the room, seeing all of the stored junk, wondering where I am supposed to change...

When I was woken up by an earthquake. Not a "dream earthquake", but I real life, "shaking the bed" earthquake.

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