Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Downstair Remodel Plans

I am starting to put together a skeleton plan for my downstairs remodel.

I am going to get help from an interior decorator to put together basically a "Master" plan for the house (I am thinking to get her suggestions on the entire house). Something that can be staged, with the downstairs obviously being "stage one".

I need help with color coordination, flooring coordination, etc... I am not color blind, but I definitely don't have strong instincts in terms of color, especially in a large scale situation. It should be interesting and fun since my house is essentially a "blank slate" once again.

I am reminded though every morning which direction is North, due to the big arrow over the letter "N" that was written on the concrete slab that is now my family room floor when the house was being built.

It has been a rough month or so for me personally, and it is time for me to get moving again and living.

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