Saturday, August 05, 2006

Kevin Smith and Superman

Video of Kevin Smith discussing his involvement in an early version of Superman back in 1996. From a series of lectures that he did on college campuses. Very funny stuff...

I have seen the bulk of his lecture before on television. I should look to see if it is available on DVD.

I hope to catch Clerks II at some point, just need to find somebody to go with me. I have read nothing but good comments about the movie.

btw: Kevin Smith is a great speaker so I enjoy that part of the clip. The other part that I find interesting and enjoyable is the Spanish subtitles. With my limited 2 years of high school Spanish, I don't believe the curse words that Kevin typically uses a lot of are showing up in the subtitles.

Can somebody verify that for me? If true, that is odd, because I am pretty sure people that speak Spanish also swear.

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Stygyan said...

The curse words doesn't appear in the subtitles, and I can tell 'cause I don't have studied spanish: I was born in spain, and i'm living in spain yet.