Monday, August 14, 2006

Left Handers Day (left hand alert)

Sunday (August 13th) was Left Handers Day (as informed by Kimberly), who was determined to find content for the blog since I turned down her "square watermelon" story.

Thanks Kimberly!!

A Hand for the Lefties - Yahoo! Buzz Log

As you can see in the article, it lists Tom Cruise as #8 on the list of Top 20 left handed people searched for on Yahoo.

Just in case you don't remember my opinion of Tom Cruise and his left handedness, read Left Hand Retraction (left hand alert).

btw: is it just me or does Tom's shoes in the picture seem to have a very thick sole??

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KimberlyP said...

You cracked me up - I just knew there was a place on your blog for that watermelon!!