Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Service Provider

Let me know if you need anything blown up. I now have a compressor.

I decided to finally deal with the flat tire on the Civic this morning. Was going to go into work late after getting the piece of metal removed from the tread. Since it had been a while since I used the car, the non flat tires were low on air... but the big stopper was that the car won't start and needs to be jumped. So my plan was off for the day.

At work, I had decided that I should just buy a small compressor. Could use it to get the tires back up to full pressure. Afterwards I would jump start the Civic to get the battery fully charged again.

I bought the compressor... my only mistake that I realized after I got home. I don't have any jumper cables.

My new plan: buy jumper cables tomorrow after work. Going to drop only the tire off at the tire place on Thursday morning. I will jump and put the tire back on the car on Thursday night and that item on my to do list will finally be scratched off.

FYI: I am an expert on changing a tire, can do the job in 10 minutes flat.

BTW: The Accord's registration expired today. It needs to be smogged which even though the Accord has never failed, getting a car smogged still is an ongoing challenge for me.

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Kimberly said...

Okay- not to jinx myself but I'm calling you instead of AAA next time!