Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Quick TWE House Update

Two phone calls have been made to get quotes for the interior painting of my pad.

The color choices are:

KM-4005-2 Victorian Gold
KM-4004-2 Star of the Garden
KM 4002-1 Limestone Ridge

(colors can be seen at Kelly Moore Paints (Entire Color Xperience Catalog))

Limestone Ridge will be used for the ceilings

Star of the Garden will be used for living room, entry, family room, upstair hallway, laundry, downstairs bedroom, and kitchen

Victorian Gold will be used for dining room, upper part of family room (above the television), upstairs loft/office, and inside niche around window above front door.

1 comment:

KimberlyP said...

I really like the colors she chose. They are right in where I'd be thinking for my house. I think I like Flaxseed KM3999-3, Balsam Brown KM3997-2, or KM4030-2 Supreme Bean for our house (we just need one color)